Why blog? What's the point?

Blogging is going to be an important part of my new approach to System Gap Ltd.

I've really been pushing my learning over the last few years, more so than ever before. Whilst I am not short on motivation, I've found that with a learning goal in mind, its always helped me focus if I have a outcome in mind.

Like anything I guess...

There are, if you forgive the 'personal life' analogy, some parallels to the way I feel about photography. I love taking photos, but I really need an excuse to record an event. And I've found my personal blog pages help me with that. I'd take photos either way, its just that by sharing them, I try and tell a bit more of a story. I try, I guess, to understand something through the eyes of someone who isn't there.... and describe to them what I am doing. Its not really relevant whether people read it, see the photos, like them, or whatever... its just the process I go through when recording an event is slightly different.

And that's the reality.

When reading, learning, understanding - it all sinks in, but its only when you describe it to others that the knowledge is truly tested.

By blogging about my thoughts, I am forcing myself to be clear, succinct and you can't do that without really understanding something.

The blog post is a case in point, when I started typing I had no idea where it was going.

This is going to be fun.