New Website

New company name, new logo, new website!

A change of business name, meant a new logo from a great designer I've worked with a few times, Aleksey Belyalov.

He created an amazing new logo:

So then my mind turned to creating a new website.

The thing is, I can't bring myself to spend thousands on a web-designer - basically some surfer dude spending my hard-earned cash on hair bleach - so I've worked up my own website design.

I've moved away from using Wordpress. It's a mighty fine system if you tap into the depth of extensions for it. But for my simple needs its bloated. I've used Stacey App before too, but the need for FTP access to do anything, meant my blogging became less frequent.

So what are my other options? 30 minutes of google searching showed a variety of options of simple CMS systems and after a similar amount of time playing, I settled on the CMS (Content Mangement System) from Anchor. It works great - is super simple and is actively developed.

It can be extended with a bit of smart templating and there are some ready made themes - so I've settled on a basic design - based on the best bits from some sample themes.

Keep the design simple and let the content do the talking - so what of my content - well, more on that in my next blog post.